Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Go 1000 km in a 4 km/h excavator

Jukka Mutanen from Finland put up a Facebook group where he promised that if the group gathered more than 50000 fans he would take his mini excavator and drive 1000 kilometers through Finland - from Hangö to Kuusamo. Pretty insane idea if you ask me.

When you realize that the mini excavator makes only 4 km/h things get even crazier. 4 km/h is about the speed your grandmother walks. Accordingly, Jukka has to spend some 250 hours in the mini excavator to reach his goal. To please the massive crowd of 83000 Facebook fans and quite a lot of non-Facebook-fans as well, Jukka placed a live streaming web cam and a GPS inside his vehicle and is now broadcasting his extravagant journey live on Bambuser as well as on Facebook. Fans and followers can tune in and watch his exact position and a lot of people have gathered along the road to get a glance of the pretty odd carriage.  

We think this is an awesome and extremely fun way to use Bambuser. As of today he's had almost half a million views on his channel!


. said...

I have to say: This guy is honest. He started a challenge and is now 2/3rds of fulfilling it.

Legal said...

1000/4 = 250 hours.. about 30 days of travel for normal excavator usage. hmm how much fuel?

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