Tuesday, 21 February 2012

We mourn the loss of a very brave Syrian journalist

This morning LIVE footage by a citizen journalist, Rami Ahmad Alsayeed - one of the persons behind the channel Syriapioneer on Bambuser, was aired all over the world by BBC World, SkyNews, Al Jazeera and many more. All showed live footage from the roof where Rami and his friends had their camera, documenting the heavy shelling from the Assad Forces hovering over BabaAmr in Homs, Syria. Rami Ahmad Alsayeed has for months been one of the bravest and forefront fighters in getting the world's attention on what's going on in Homs, Syria. In the afternoon, cameraman and journalist Rami Ahmad Alsayeed did his last broadcast – he and three of his friends were soon after this killed by the Assad armed forces on the streets of BabaAmr.

UPDATE: Rami was accompanying three persons to a civil hospital. The car was the target of a mortar and the other three persons were killed right away. Rami was badly injured and died from the wounds later in the hospital.

Rami Ahmad Alsayeed, born 1985, father of a little girl aged a year and a half called Marym, was killed during the shelling over Homs this afternoon. His last message for his friends was (spellchecked and with clarifications inserted):

Babaamr is facing a genocide right now. I will never forgive you for your silence. You all have just give us your words but we need actions. However our hearts will always be with those who risk their life for our freedom. I know what we need! We need campaigns everywhere inside Syria and outside Syria, and now we need all people in front of all embassies all over the world. In a few hours there will be NO place called BabaAmr and I expect this will be my last message and no one will forgive you who talked but didn't act.

A family has lost a husband and father, the world has lost a very brave man fighting for democracy in Syria and an opportunity to get LIVE footage from inside Homs, Syria showing the brutality, killing and terror exercised by dictator Assad and his armed forces.

This is a last video of martyr Rami Ahmad Alsayeed. WARNING: Strong footage!


Fernando F. said...

another hero :(

Andi said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to Rami and his family. May his good soul rest in peace. I believe it would help make it a little less difficult if they take a look at this site. Knowing someone else is going through the same thing helped me cope when I went through the same ordeal.

z toko said...

great prayer for Ramir, has provided an extremely useful to us. hopefully more successful in the future
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