Thursday, 1 March 2012

Syria - a country that can no longer communicate

If you don't have the essentials for communication, will you lose?

A few weeks ago we were told Bambuser was blocked in Syria, but the flow of videos continued on a smaller scale. Brave and skilled people used alternative approaches to reach out with the LIVE material, much needed to let the world know about the terror and violence in Syria.

Unfortunately, for a couple of days it's been getting more difficult for the people in Syria to reach out. Assad's government does its utmost to control not only the people but also the communications with the outside world. A few days ago they began to turn off the electricity for up to 15 hours a day. With no electricity one cannot charge devices or use the Internet. The lack of electricity is not all – when it returns – it starts with high voltage peaks which burn out any devices plugged in.

Activists tell us they're afraid to use generators due to the noise they make. Security forces and the military now make regular checks at homes with generators, and those suspected of being anti-Assad protesters risk being arrested, tortured and even killed.

During the last week we've seen the consequences of this lack of electricity: even fewer videos from Syria. The following broadcast was sent for us tonight to show the situation.

We know the Syrian people want the world to know, but with the little electricity they have, they need to prioritize and use it for saving lives, before it is cut off again.

UPDATE: The day after this text was posted, the broadcaster did an additional broadcast - this time from the top of a roof showing when the lights go out - leaving Daraa City in complete darkness. This happens randomly every day in cities all over Syria.

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homs my love said...

That which is happening in Syria is largest and greatest from turning off the electricity , that which is
happening is genocide of a defenseless people wants his freedom, that which is happening is an orderly and
planned kill , what happens is a massacres committed by a Butcher murderer to stay on the seat of authority ...
Dear Readers: That you see in the media and the Internet and satellite TV is only 1% of what is happening here,
they killing us slowly and the world watches ...
Electricity cut off, the water cut off, there is no communication, there is no Internet, we get food
with Extremely difficulty , there is no transport , they are prevent travel outside the country ,
Assad's Armored vehicles in the streets, rockets are falling on us from all sides, snipers standing up rooftops , And I am ready to provide you with any evidence you need ....
All this and the world watching and gives the Assad's regime period again and again and chance after chance ...
From here from Homs i appeal to everyone who reads these words, I appeal to international and
relief organizations, human rights organizations for urgent action to save us ...
We are dying slowly ... We die slowly

abo mojahed
syria - homs