Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Let Associated Press contact you about newsworthy content

More and more Bambuser users are utilizing their handheld devices to capture news stories to share on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other social media. Starting today, any Bambuser user can also reach a global audience through AP's worldwide network of news organizations.

Founded in 1846, AP today is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. On any given day, more than half the world's population sees news from AP. On the net:

We think the people with a great view of any breaking news event  are citizens being in the right place at the right time or activists and citizens capturing and sharing their own footage and reports from the frontline or on site by using a livestreaming app,  i.e Bambuser.  What we've seen lately is the increasing impact of this kind of user generated content contributing to the major media stories.
"User generated content has become integral to covering breaking news, particularly where access is restricted. As a global newsgathering organization in more than 300 locations worldwide, AP has the expertise to verify it, and to add context via our own reporting."
- Mark Davies, AP Deputy Director of International Video

Bambuser users can let AP distribute their content with full credit (Bambuser username credited on TV, online etc), to all media globally, by agreeing to AP's terms of use through the Settings on the Bambuser Dashboard.

AP can access and use Bambuser content it vets, verifies and considers newsworthy. As part of the arrangement with Bambuser, AP will also explore the use of Bambuser's live video platform as a news-gathering tool for AP journalists.


1. How will this co-operation benefit existing and new Bambuser users?
Bambuser users are already broadcasting their newsworthy content on the Bambuser platform, but now they will be able to expand this to global broadcasters.

2. At what kind of events is this going to prove most useful?
Anywhere where someone has a smart phone and connection.

3. Will Bambuser users be credited?
Yes, every Bambuser user sharing their content with AP will get the recognition they deserve. On all AP scripts there will be a mandatory credit for "Bambuser/Username" and for online video there will be a courtesy graphic.

4. Once someone opts in to share content, can it be undone?
Yes. You can opt-out at any time.

5. Why do Bambuser users need to provide contact details?
If a video is newsworthy, AP will often want to get more story details from you. Providing contact details will make it easier for an AP journalist to get in touch if they need to.

Read more on the net at TNW, GIGA OM, Broadcastnow, - including a video interview with AP. Find the full press release at AP.


Hans said...

As I understand this we are suppose to give our content to AP for free. If AP whats my scoops they can pay what it costs or send out their own people!

Liss Nup said...

Hans makes a good point - it costs money to own and operate a smartphone. Additionally, many users are taking significant personal risks to create live broadcasts of important events.

Global publishers with revenue streams from advertisers or subscribers pay AP to use "their" content: some of those funds could be diverted to compensate video content owners.

Eva said...

Let us try to explain this in a bit more detail. Any Bambuser user owns his/her own content and is absolutely free to do whatever they like with it, whenever they want.

To opt in to the AP distribution the broadcaster gets the opportunity to share and inform a global conversation through AP’s global network. (AP reaches over 5000 TV/Radio stations in 120 countries). Should any broadcaster using Bambuser chose not to opt in with AP and instead work with media that are willing to pay for their content; they are totally free to do so.

What we at Bambuser have learnt working with activists/bloggers globally over the passed years is that the, by far, most important thing is to be able to share what's happening on site with as many as possible. We’re asked daily to help to distribute content, to let the world know. Bambuser and AP are together offering an opportunity to get global distribution, create global awareness and receive personal recognition.

/Eva at Bambuser

Nina Brunberg said...

As a journo and reporter and former enrepreneur in media business I strongly disagree with Eva´s point of view. "Recognition" on a personal level is zero dollars worth when some of the citizen reporters risk their health and lives (and families, and future..) to broadcast the truth out from whichever Green spring there happens to be going on.
Media consortions and corporations should pay for user content when they broadcast it.
Bambuser is taking a serious risk ethically by making this AP-contract.
Me and many foreigner frends of mine stick to YouTube, which is (although an american company) more democratic and gives the possibility to hide your personal information/IP-adress etc when the material is sensitive enough. makes a good effort to pay the contributors for their pics and videos, some others as well.

Eva said...


I think you are really missing a important point here. First and formost, it is totally up to the Bambuser user if they would like to opt-in to AP or not. With this said, to share with AP it is not an op-out, so no Bambuser user could by mistake share anything to AP unless they've chose to do so - the same as with sharing to Facebook, Twitter etc.

Also, remember all media is today, on a daily basis, already using recorded UGC videos without paying for it or giving credentials to the creators. With our co-operation we give our users the possibility to both share, get credits and have a direct contact with AP should they like to. Important here is to stress the fact that it's not us at Bambuser sharing our users content, it's the users themselves choosing to share their broadcast and their account name - and they are not asked to give away any other information if they do not want to.

Since you are aware of risks etc, you probably already know that we are taking this work extremely serious at Bambuser. For example, any Bambuser user can chose to register an account in any random country they want, no matter if they are there physically or not. They can also use any email address they like - un-verified or not, and uncheck geo-tagging - all this to be able to be anonymous as possible. If you want to read more about how we work to make our service safe, I'm happy to share this interview with with you

Don't hesitate to email me should you have any questions about our work.

/Eva, Head of Communications at Bambuser

Nina Brunberg said...

Thanks Eva.
I do understand the situation.
I´m just a bit annoyed as professional journos, reporters, videomakers and photographers nowadays aren´t appreciated i.e. one cannot make a living as a freelancer anymore. This has to do with the news corporation strategies to make (free) user content available to their paying customers instead of hiring pros.
It´s a worldwide trend, and that´s exactly why I´m looking forward to settle for a new career in an totally other field.
Making one´s living in the media biz is almost impossible for an adult person if you aren´t on a salary payroll inhouse.
As corporations try to dictate the price they pay per photo/video, even trade unions cannot fight against them. The answear is "take this or nothing, cause there´s plenty of guys doing this for free, you know.."
Check the english version here:

Liss Nup said...

Time to turn off comments ...