Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Free speech, free premium

At Bambuser we truly believe in free speech and democracy. Over the past years we've seen more and more activists and citizen journalists use Bambuser to broadcast real-time information about activities and events when they happen. We think that user generated content broadens the overall picture of what's actually going on, and is needed to complement professional news reporting. It can also, as we've seen for example in Syria, break news for the world to see. When traditional media has little or no possibilities to have journalists on site, user generated live streams are essential.

With this is mind, we've decided to give away a special* free Bambuser premium status to activists and citizen journalist users who apply, no matter where in the world they operate. If you'd like to apply, please send an email with your Bambuser username and a brief description of your content, to info@bambuser.com, and we'll be happy to upgrade you. We believe videos from areas with unrest should be ad-free and we also think you should have the opportunity to learn more about your viewers.

If you also want to make your broadcasts available to media outlets around the world via Associated Press, make sure to tick the Allow AP check box in the Settings on your dashboard. If you want to know more about this cooperation, see our blog post Let Associated Press contact you about newsworthy content.

*Ad free player, unlimited viewing hours and storage, player customization options and access to extensive statistics.


A.de la Pierre said...

In Holland Free Speech is also ended. We are censored by government and multiple organisations. I'm a Gay-Activist that is censored by a radiostation, that said it had a free spirit, but afterwards turned their consensus, and showed their real face...... It was an narrowminded radio host.......

Iván Malaquias Derosa said...

necesitamos Ese espíritu libre. Ese libre argumento Pero que sea sostenido por bases sólidas. Que seamos coherentes con nuestros pensamientos ideas y actos. No imbéciles reproductores de sistemas de ignorancia. Apoyo está grandiosa idea de darle las armas a quienes todos aquellos que están dispuestos a pensar libres y con convicción. Me sumo a este gran avance.