Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bambuser and AP cement citizen content collaboration

We’re really proud to announce that we’ve cemented an agreement with the Associated Press to continue our joint efforts to bring instant video footage from citizen journalists around the globe to mainstream media.

After a successful joint development of the “share the news” opt-in function on the Bambuser platform, we’ve given eyewitnesses and AP’s own journalists an unparalleled opportunity to share newsworthy content in real time from their mobile phones.

All newsworthy video shared with AP is verified by AP’s social media specialists before being shared with a global audience via AP’s worldwide network of more than 700 broadcasters. The agreement also puts Bambuser’s live streaming ability in the hands of more AP journalists, increasing the agency’s commitment to Bambuser and the amount of live content AP can exclusively offer customers.

The deal follows five months of successful collaboration between AP and Bambuser, which has already given AP subscribers access to Bambuser ‘s growing number of content creators.  In the last four months Bambuser content has been used by AP customers more than 4,000 times – much of it from the front lines in the Syrian conflict, but increasingly from other parts of the world as well.

 “User-generated content is integral to covering breaking news events," said Mark Davies, AP deputy director of international video. "Through the Bambuser deal and use of the ‘Share The News’ function, AP has pre-approval to use the Bambuser content, allowing us to check and verify content we deem newsworthy and put it live to air incredibly fast."

Around the world unprecedented numbers of people are broadcasting live video to the Web. The probability of someone being at the scene with a smartphone when news breaks is increasing by the day. More and more Bambuser users are utilising their handheld devices to capture news stories to share on their blogs, on Twitter and Facebook, and on other social media.

“Through the co-operation with AP, Bambuser has further strengthened its position as a tool to capture live and newsworthy video content," said Hans Eriksson, executive chair, Bambuser. “We have already had enormous success working with AP in getting live news video distributed globally and this is because users can rely on AP’s expertise as a very credible and professional news organisation that matches many of Bambuser’s own values.”


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caslado1250 said...

Looking forward to reading through far more from you later on!

Stephen Boyle said...

I hope AP picks up some of the March Against Monsanto that happened around the world and publishes. Those of us in the US have been finding our mainstream media hasn't been picking up stories when we are demonstrating against large corporations such as those considered Big Agriculture, Big Oil, and Big Pharmaceutical.

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