Tuesday, 20 November 2012

5 ways to get the best out of Bambuser

1. Adjust your video quality and resolution - While broadcasting you can see your current stream health in the app. If the stream health is permanently at 100% you can try to switch to a higher resolution/quality. If it's below 70% it's a good idea to switch to a lower resolution/quality for better video flow and a better experience for your viewers.

2. Improve on-demand viewing - When you broadcast, it may not be possible to send all video in real-time, depending on your network speed. Our apps will then drop some data to ensure low latency combined with the best possible flow for your quality settings. Any unsent data is stored on your device and can be uploaded to make the archived video full frame rate, giving a much improved on-demand viewing experience. Read more on our help page.

3. Tag specific times in video - If you want to share a specific moment in the video just click "Share", tick the box "link to specific time in player" and use the time in video you want to refer to.

4. Upgrade to the latest version of the Bambuser iOS app to get support for 16:9 widescreen broadcasting on iOS 5 and up.

5. Are you a professional user? Get even more out of Bambuser. Read more about Bambuser's Premium solutions.

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Thank you for sharing these tips now I know how to make my bambuser account the best.

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